Intensive Bath and Body Shampoo

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Enhance the skin's original strength with a highly nutritious moisturizing.

Deep Concentrated Nutrition Moisturizing Care

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Intensive Bath and Body with a weak acidic bubble high moisturizing and safe cleansing.

Safe Cleansing with Natural Vegetable derived surfactant.
  • 0% Hazard ingredients.
  • Weak acidity with pH5.5 which helps maintain the pH level of the healthy skin.
  • Premium ingredients with Bio tech - uses only the best ingredients with proven efficacy. Enhance stability and skin penetration of premium ingredients by bio technology.

Skin science from pharmaceutical technology

  • With smart nano-carrier, Drug Delivery technology in the advanced pharmaceutical field, Dear Lauren applies unrivaled technology to cosmetics to improve the stability and penetration rate of ingredients.

Main ingredient:

  • "Pure Vitamin E" - Antioxidant, anti-aging, skin protection from UV rays, help with inflammatory acne, relieve pigmentation, relieve skin, help with skin diseases, skin regeneration, prevention of skin cancel, prevention of stretch marks.


Bath & Shampoo


Dear Lauren




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